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Swim Program

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Booking Procedures

Our swim school operates 52 weeks of the year without break. This ensures your child has the opportunity to consistently improve their swimming and personal development.

Merchant Warrior Payment Plan and Charges

At Enrolment clients –

  • Sign the Merchant Warrior payment contract
  • Pay fees in advance across the counter for the first two weeks. These fees may be paid by cash or credit card. Your Merchant Warrior payments commence on the day of your choice the following week resulting in your payments being one week in advance.

Transaction fees start at just $0.24 per payment
Failed payments will incur a $7.50 failed transaction fee. The debit fail will need to be paid over counter before next lesson begins.

Casual Lessons

For those unable to meet regular lesson commitments Casual Lessons are an option but these can only be booked on the day of attendance by contacting our reception team and are subject to availability.

On-Going Attendance Term to Term

We operate non stop 52 weeks a year and we consider all lesson bookings to be on-going unless a Resignation Form is completed to inform us otherwise. Fees for pupils paying by Merchant Warrior will automatically continue term to term, as will all bookings, until written resignation is received.: Swim Terms do not coincide with School Terms.

Checking In For Lessons

Only first time pupils and those who have booked a Makeup Lesson, Casual Lesson or those who need to pay fees need to check in at the desk. On all other occasions you should proceed straight to class.

Swimmer Progression

We operate 52 weeks of the year and we promote children as soon as they are capable instead of waiting till the start of the new swim term. If your child is ready to move up to the next level the Teacher will advise you and you will need to see reception to move to the next level. As a special celebration of this milestone in your child’s development we would like to give them the opportunity to ring the “Promotions Bell” located on poolside to celebrate their success and collect a Certificate from reception to mark the occasion.

Make-Up Procedure for lessons only

Missed lessons may be made up subject to the following conditions:

  1. Prior notice of non-attendance must be given to reception as early as possible but no later than one hour prior to your booked lesson commencing so we can make your booked spot available to others.
  2. The pupil (or parent) may arrange to make-up the missed lesson during the current or some future term (provided enrolment is current).
  3. Accrued Make-ups continue to be available for the lifetime of the swimmer.
  4. Advance bookings for make-ups cannot be made. Please phone on the day you would like to use your make-up to check for current availability.
  5. Pupils booking a make-up pay a booking administration Fee of $4.00 payable to reception on arrival for your lesson. Collect your make up card at the time of payment to give to your teacher.
  6. Make-ups are only valid while a pupil is enrolled in our program
  7. Make-ups cannot be transferred to other pupils or used as credit
  8. Any casual change of booking is regarded as a makeup and incurs a re-booking
  9. There is no credit or transfer for make-ups not utilised.


Public Holidays

We are closed for all local public holidays. Lessons scheduled and paid for on these days will be issued with a FREE PUBLIC HOLIDAY MAKE-UP to be redeemed anytime while the pupil is still enrolled.

Lessons in Inclement Weather

Our pools are heated and indoors and are never cancelled for any rain event. Approaching storms that may include lightning are monitored closely and if necessary lessons are temporarily suspended and resumed after any potential danger has passed.

Free storm make-ups automatically apply if we cancel or suspend lessons.

Resignation process for lessons

Resigning Lesson Customers must complete the Resignation Form available from reception. You will also need to complete the Amendment Form for Merchant Warrior. This form gives us permission to cancel your Merchant Warrior Debit. We will charge for one more week after Resignation Notice is received then will cease to deduct payments from your account.

Note: Merchant Warrior fees will be paid continuously until the week after written notice of resignation is received. There is no minimum enrolment period. Pupils can resign at any time with one week’s written notice which requires one more payment after notice is given.

School Aged Care

OSHC Enrolment Form

OSHC Waiver Form

OSHC Direct Debit Form

OSHC DD Parent Letter

OSHC Cancellation Form

Booking Process & Fees

We are unable to accept children unless they have prior bookings processed under our enrolment procedure.
Please ensure you complete the necessary paperwork in due time.

In order for your enrolment to be confirmed and processed, an Enrolment Form and a Booking Form must be completed and returned to Gullivers Coomera. If you complete the Booking Form before the new term starts all the sessions you have indicated will be processed as a permanent booking. These sessions will be loaded in to our booking software and at this point we will be able to give you an estimated invoice for total of the fees for your child for the term. This amount will then be broken down in to weekly totals and each week must be paid before the commencement of that week i.e. Fridays will be the last opportunity to pay for the following week’s booked attendances. Please remember that our ability to estimate your level of government subsidy is dependent on you providing us with correct and accurate information about your child.

Fees from as little as:

  • Before School Care pay as little as $4.49per day
  • After School Care pay as little as $6.60 per day
  • Vacation Care pay as little as $14.08 per day.

*Conditions apply.

We will be able to take bookings after the new terms begin subject to availability. These bookings will be treated as casual bookings and will only be processed if your account is in credit. We will accept payment at the time of booking over the phone or in person at reception.

A $10 booking fee will be applied to your account for casual bookings with less than 24 hours!

Terms and Conditions

  • All New enrolments: Gullivers Coomera will be conducting Interviews for all new enrolments for both Before School Care and After School Care.
    • Successful enrolment is not confirmed at the interview
    • The Centre must review the application document before making contact to provide the enrolment outcome.
    • Please do not pay the bond or purchase items, until you receive an offer of enrolment from the OSHC Administrator.
    • Submitting an application or completing an enrolment interview does not guarantee enrolment.
  • Enrolment is subject to payment of a $100.00 bond fee per child. This is refunded after your
    final week’s fees are paid should you decide to not continue. Bond is forfeited if enrolment is not
    resumed within 12 months.
  • Full fees are payable until notification of your CCB % is received from Centrelink.
  • Two week’s notice of resignation or reduction in bookings is required. Two week’s notice means fees will be due in full up to and including the week after notice is given.
  • Bookings remain constant from week to week.
  • Fees are due for all regular bookings in advance, every week even if not attended.
  • Additional casual bookings may be available subject to vacancies but should not be relied upon.
    Due to an increase in occupancy our ability to guarantee casual bookings is reducing.
  • There is no credit, refund or transfer of fees for days not utilised.
  • Payment is due 1 week in advance of booked attendances.
  • Fees are to be paid in weekly increments only and for the exact amount.
  • A $5.50 late fee applies per week without exception to fees not paid when due
  • For those unable to attend the centre in regular hours, fees may be paid over the phone by credit card or at the centre any time from 6:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday or from 7am to 12pm on weekends
  • Alternatively fees may be paid weekly in advance using the convenient EZI DEBIT system for just 55 cents a week transaction.
  • Advice must be given by 1:00pm at the latest any day children are not to be collected from
    school. This covers all eventualities including kids home sick, school camps, holidays, swim
    carnivals e.t.c.. Failure to abide by this condition will incur a $20 administration fee for each day
    advice is not given and will jeopardise your child’s enrolment.
  • Parents must sign children out and collect a card on entry to the service.
  • Collection cards must be taken from the reception counter when signing children out. (1per
    child) and handed to the staff member that is supervising the group your child is with.
  • Free swimming lessons for all children are subject to them bringing goggles and cap.
  • Due to varying numbers of children swimming we are unable to give an exact time for your
    child’s Swimming lesson. The last lesson will be completed by 5.30pm.
  • Children are to have hats for after school care. If your child does not have a hat they will be provided wiht one and a fee of $12 will be charged to your account.
  • Please note our hours of service –
    Before School Care – 6am to school drop off
    After School Care – school pick up to 6.30pm.
  • It is possible for us to provide limited care for your child outside these hours but only with prior
    management consent. If there is no agreement with management a charge of $1 per minute
  • Our program caters for Prep through to year 7. We are happy to accept children older than the
    standard year 7 age (13yrs) but this is only possible with prior consent from management.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for damage to personal belongings howsoever it occurred,
    including but not limited to laptops, clothing, mobile phones etc. There is an option for the
    children to sign in the valuables to our lock up cupboard.

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