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The Swimming Lessons are Better at Gullivers Coomera

Gullivers Coomera Swim School has been renowned for achieving amazing results since we started teaching and coaching Gold Coast children in 1975.

For over 40 years, our founder, Terry Gulliver, has been recognised as a pioneer of modern baby teaching methods now widely used worldwide. Gullivers Coomera prides itself on being a ‘start to finish’ swim school teaching babies from as young as 12 weeks up to National Champions!

Our classes include:

  • Baby Swim Lessons – FREE for 3 – 8 month olds!
  • Toddler Learn to Swim Lessons
  • Water Confidence Lessons
  • Kids’ Swim Lessons, including Stroke Correction
  • Kindergarten Lessons
  • School Swimming
  • Adult Swim Lessons
  • Squad Swimming


Two heated indoor pools are purpose-built to ensure the best possible facility for instruction. We are confident you will notice how much more your child will learn from our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. Our lifetime of experience makes all the difference.

Our swim school operates 52 weeks of the year. This ensures your child can consistently improve their swimming and personal development.

At Gullivers Coomera, we offer small group, semi-private and private learn-to-swim classes and water confidence programs for children who need extra support, plus classes just for adults!

Our Swimming Programs

Babies and Young Children – Baby Tots – B3

For babies 3 months to 4 years

Our world-leading baby learn to swim program is the most progressive water safety program on the northern Gold Coast. Starting with Baby’s basic familiarisation and breath control, we aim to ease Baby into skills and drills, maintaining a happy, confident swimmer. Our babies classes are FREE for 3 – 8 month olds!
By the time your baby graduates from our BABIES program, they will be able to swim 25 metres unaided. This gives an exceptional peace of mind when living around water, as we do.

Learn to Swim - Levels 1-4

4 years and over

We have you covered no matter your child’s ability or skill. From scared beginners to future Olympians, we aim to teach and encourage all. Beginning with the basic prone float, our program teaches the basic face in prone float, elementary freestyle with the lifesaving back roll for breathing and beginner backstroke. Progression is key in our swim program, so we aim for constant improvement.

Stroke Correction - Levels 5-9

For all ages, our stroke correction levels teach racing techniques for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly.

Levels Five to Nine are the levels which make up our Stroke Correction program. From the Learn to Swim levels, Stroke Correction is a natural progression.

Squad Training

Gullivers Coomera Squad programme caters for all standards of swimming from development and fitness swimming to State and National level. We aim to provide a healthy competitive environment for swimmers wanting to take their swimming to another level. Over the past 46 years the name Gulliver has been synonymous with coaching and developing young Gold Coast Champions.

Many have gone on to win State, National and even World Titles in the pool or the surf. In 2019 the Gullivers Coomera squad programme produced 60 age champions at local schools who train under our team of coaches.

We invite you to join us for a FREE trial to experience the Gullivers Coomera difference.

Kindy Swim Program

The Swimming Lessons are Better at Gullivers Coomera.

Try our kindy level swimming program, or ask your kindergarten about offering swimming lessons at Gullivers Coomera for their school.

  • First lesson FREE plus FREE make-up lessons
  • FREE classes for 3 – 8 month olds
  • Warm, indoor pools
  • Small class sizes
  • Experienced and fun coaches

Our commitment to excellence shines through our kindy level swimming program, tailored to nurture your child’s aquatic skills. We’re here to support the natural-born swimmers and those who need a little more encouragement.

Kindergartens and day care centres can also collaborate with us to bring the benefits of swimming lessons to their students right here at Gullivers Coomera.

Our team of experienced and engaging coaches is dedicated to making each lesson a delightful adventure for your child.

Swimming skills are for life! Let’s get the kids started with the swimming skills they deserve.

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Adult Swim Program

Adult Swimming Lessons are Better at Gullivers Coomera.

Gulliver’s Coomera offers a remarkable avenue for adults to learn swimming from scratch or refine their existing swimming abilities.

Gulliver’s Coomera provides a nurturing and supportive environment for those new to swimming to conquer any water-related apprehensions.

Whether gaining confidence in the water or mastering fundamental strokes, adults can acquire essential life-saving skills that boost their overall water safety awareness and their fitness.

Even for individuals with prior swimming experience, Gulliver’s Coomera presents an invaluable opportunity for improvement. Our expert instructors offer tailored guidance to enhance stroke efficiency, breathing techniques, and endurance.

The low-impact nature of swimming makes it an excellent option for adults seeking a joint-friendly workout that simultaneously enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.

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