Before and After School FAQS

We understand that our families require holidays during the year. As we have to take our staffing and rosters into consideration and to ensure your enrolment is secure on your return from holidays we do require payment for days not used. Should you intend to take long term holidays you may choose to resign from the enrolment and re enrol on your return, however we cannot guarantee space to re enrol on your return.

As we have to take our staffing and rosters into consideration, we do require payment for sick days. If however your child’s illness is long term and care is no longer required, two weeks resignation is necessary.

Bookings can be exchanged by following our standard cancellation procedure. 2 weeks’ notice must be given to avoid additional costs. Please complete a booking cancellation form available from our website and email to oshcadmin@gulliverscoomera.com.au.

All families are required to pay the $100 bond prior to attending our program.

Should you miss a payment you will be charged a $5.50 late fee (each week), a courtesy call will be made requesting payment. Those who tend to be consistently late with fees payment will be asked to switch to Ezi Debit. Where fees are not paid and account holders have failed to comply with the previous recommendations, those children will not be collected from school and parents will be advised and are not allowed to make use of the service until account is back in credit.

We Drop preps to their classrooms in the mornings at the following schools; Coomera Springs, Pimpama State Primary College, Pimpama State School, Upper Coomera State College, Coomera Rivers. In the afternoons the following schools for preps are picked up from their classroom; Coomera Springs, Pimpama State School, Upper Coomera State School, Coomera Rivers.

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